Only 3 Easy Steps on How to Repair 12v Air Compressor?

Air compressors demand regular inspection and repair. For example, they require replacement of pistons, rings and other details on a regular base.

If you fail to maintain the equipment properly, you have to suffer. Because maximum breakdowns occur because of poor maintenance.

So, now you’re in a dilemma and badly need to repair it? Well, after reading this, you’ll know how to repair a 12v air compressor easily.

Let’s just get into it!

How to Repair a 12v Air Compressor?

Before you step forward, you have to know which part needs to be repaired. Look over the following problems and solutions.Go through only 3 steps for repairing your broken air compressor.

Step 1: Take it apart

Use a screwdriver to take it apart. Now, oil the bearings and wait until you remove the motor. You will find a very simple mechanical assembly inside the compressor. You will see-

1. A motor turns a gear which is connected to a crankshaft.

2. This crankshaft is supported by two bushings and has a shaft that’s connected to the connecting rod.

3. The connecting rod is connected to a piston that moves up-down in a polished metal cylinder.

4. During the piston travels down, a one-way reed valve allows air to be drawn in through a small hole on top of the cylinder head.

5. When the piston travels upwards, the one-way valve is closed by the pressure. The pressure builds up until it’s pushed through the one-way valve that’s connected to the gauge.

Step 2: Get the crankshaft out

Once you are done with getting the crankshaft out, you’ll freely lubricate the crankcase. In case you don’t have a flavor injector, you can use a Q-tip, but it will not do as good of a job.

So, you should collect a flavor injector with good quality synthetic grease. It will offer you to inject grease into areas where it would be impossible any other way.

Step 3: Start the main operation

If you see the pump’s hose is broken off, you need to purchase some good automotive hose that can handle up to 100 PSI. Or, you can cut the end of the hose flush, simply use a small hose clamp to secure the hose to the barb.

For removing the factory hose, insert a small screwdriver into the collar and between the collar and the hose. Continue doing this until the collar splits in half. Now, remove the collar and pull off the broken hose of the barb. These will free you to put the good hose back on.

As we said before, you have to be aware of the maintenance of your compressor. Be very careful when you use a 12v compressor to keep the problems away.

How to Connect an Air Compressor to a Car Battery?

It’s important to supply power to the compressor. If you don’t know how to connect the air compressor to your car battery, you’ll know now!

1. First of all, connect the pressure line from a pump control unit to the pressure outlet on the 12v compressor.

2. Make sure, the on/off switch is in the off position before you connect it to the power source. Moreover, before connecting, the ball valve handle on the side of your compressor should also be in the off position.

3. Now, connect the compressor to your car battery using the alligator clips. The red clip will be connected to the positive terminal on the power source. The black clip should connect to the negative terminal on the power source or to a proper ground.

4. Switch the compressor on when the compressor has been connected to the power source and to all pressure lines. It will begin to charge the tank to 125 PSI, which will take about 4 minutes.

5. When the tank is fully charged to 125 PSI, switch on the ball valve.

6. While pumping begins, the air pressure in the tank will drop to 90 PSI. Then the compressor will recharge to 125 PSI or to the selected pumping rate.


We are in the end now. You now know how to repair a 12v air compressor.

Use this equipment carefully from the beginning to prevent the unwanted breakdowns. Now, go for the operation without a second thought.

Happy repairing!

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