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Makita MAC5200 vs Dewalt D55146 | Which one for you?

No matter if you’re a professional or an amateur DIYer at your home garage, an air compressor is the last thing you’d like to let go.

On the other hand, you need the best air compressor that suits your budget, purpose and price-quality ratio.

Instead of picking up a handful of models, we’ve put two of the most popular models head to head. And that brings us up to this Makita MAC5200 vs Dewalt D55146 comparison.

Got a minute to check it out? Let’s find the who’s who:

Popular Comparison

  • MAC5200

  • Dewalt D55146
  • Pump Type:
  • Oil-based
  • Oil-free
  • Fuel Type(Gas/Electric):
  • Electric
  • Electric
  • Running HP:
  • 2.1 HP
  • 1.6 HP
  • Max HP
  • 3.0 HP
  • 1.6 HP
  • Tank Type:
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder
  • Tank Size:
  • 5.2 gallon
  • 4.5 gallon
  • CFM Performance(40 PSI):
  • 6.9 CFM
  • 6.5 CFM
  • CFM Performance(90 PSI):
  • 6.5 CFM
  • 5.0 CFM
  • Max PSI:
  • 140 PSI
  • 175 PSI
  • Product Weight:
  • 88 pounds
  • 83 pounds

Makita MAC5200 Review

Product Description

Makita MAC5200 had been one of the earliest members of Makita’s Big Bore series, which kind of shows up why and how DIYers and handymen are in love with this compressor. We’ve got the features broken down into bite-size chunks below-

Without any doubt, the first and foremost selling point of this device is its big bore cylinder and cast iron made pump. Both promises a durability and a capability to undergo through heavy usage at the same time.

To power the device up, there is a strong motor that sports 3.0 HP of power. With that said, it can produce compressed air of 90 PSI at the rate of 90 PSI.

As you know, heat management comes to be a happening issue as long as it’s about portable air compressors. Makita, the brand had been aware of this face and provide an oil-lubricated heat sinking mechanism in it. This also contributes to enhance the lifetime of this device and make sure it lasts for years of heavy usage.

By portable, we obviously mean that we can carry it from place to place. But how easy it is to carry around? Well, there is a folding handle design with a couple of rugged wheels. All you need to do is lift it up, hold the handle and push it to move.

In case you’re worried about the size and profile for the sake of storage, the handles are fillable. So, the overall device sports a minimum profile and you can transport them easily on your automobile.

Production Specification

  • Max 140 PSI output.
  • Oil-based Pump Type
  • Runs on electric power.
  • 2.1 HP running power.
  • Cylinder type tank.
  • 5.2-gallon large tank Size.
  • Product Weighs 88 pounds only


  1. 3.0 HP Motor Power
  2. Cast iron made pump and cylinder.
  3. Produces 6.5 CFM flow @90 psi.
  4. Foldable handle.
  5. Low profile design, easy to carry.
  6. Rugged wheels for easy transport.
  7. Built in storage.
  8. Ready to embrace accessories.


  • A troublesome wheel set.

Advantages – Explained

Super Fast Recovery Time:- For anyone who works with an air compressor, the recovery time of the compressor matters a lot. It directly impacts the work/time efficiency of whatever job you’re up to.

On that note, this device sports a cast iron made pump with a big bore cylinder- both engineered to deliver a faster recovery time that similar compressor models of the market. 

An Impressive Design Made for Portability:- The way Makita MAC5200 stands out from even bigger brand models is through it’s design. Apart from the cylindrical tank, it comes with a built-in storage, a set of foldable handles and a roll cage construction.

Therefore, you can store things up in the storage, carry it whenever you want and expect the device not to destroy under any kind of environmental hazards.

Easy to Maintain:- Maintenance happens to be a sibling job that an air compressor user has to embrace. To make his job easier, there are a couple of features in Makita MAC5200.

Firstly, it’s the lever handle ball valve tank drainage system, and secondly, it’s the air tank release. Both are supposed to deduce your maintenance time and frequency by a great extent. 

Disadvantages – Explained

The Wheels Might Bend:- Although this issue has not been seen so often, but some of the users have received a product with a bent wheel. It’s not actually a fault of the device, but of the sellers. In case you turn out to be one of those unlucky ones, a call to the support center is all you got to do to fix it anyway.

Is This Air Compressor for You?

In case you are a semi-professional or professional DIYers, Carpenters, Home repairer or similar kind of handyman, this device would fit your shoes right away.


So far, the Makita MAC5200 is one of the most affordable Big Bore compressors from the brand. If long term usability and quality is all you require, go for this model right away.

Dewalt D55146 Review

Product Description

In case you are in search of a more budget-friendly, entry-level alternative of the aforementioned Makita MAC5200, the Dewalt D55146 can be the cup of your tea without any second thought.

Why do we say that?

Eventually, beginners or amateur DIYers don’t have to deal with the high-end PSI and HP requirements anyway from their compressors. All they need is the compressed air for their air tools or automotive tires. And for such chores, Dewalt D55146 is the right fit.

225 psi stands to be the maximum pressure at which it can store air in the tank. The tank size is 4.5 gallons, and it’s built heavily by Dewalt. So overall, it’s going to neet it’s a requirement for semi-long usage.

The 1.6HP motor seems to be a little under par, but that’s okay as long as you’re not handling industry-standard chores with it.

With all that said, you can operate devices like 3 framing nailers and 2 roofing nailers at the same time with this device. In fact, that’s what a non-professional DIYer needs, right?

Production Specification

  • Max 130 PSI output.
  • Oil-based Pump Type.
  • Runs on electric power.
  • 2.1 HP running power.
  • Twin-stacked type tank.
  • 4.2-gallon tank capacity.
  • Weighs 77 pounds.


  1. Sports a vertical handle and collapsible handle.
  2. Less noise level(78 dBA).
  3. Quick recovery time.
  4. 10 inches non-flat tires.
  5. 225 PSI max output.
  6. Can support upto 5 devices.


  1. The motor power is quite less.
  2. Catches on leaks after years of usage.

Advantages – Explained

225 PSI Max Pressure on The Tank:- The requirement of compressed air happens to vary from case to case. To empower you with almost all of them, this Dewalt D55146 comes with a max pressure of 225PSI on the tank.

78 dBA Noise Level, Only:- It’s so good of Dewalt that they’ve finally brought this under concern. This compressor is for home users, and the sound level it produces also fits the box. Only 78 dBA of noise won’t bother your neighbors of other people who’re upstairs.

Disadvantages – Explained

Be Watchful for Leaks:- Over a couple of years of usage, this compressor seems to be leaking-prone. We therefore, advise you to be super careful about the maintenance of the device.

Is This Air Compressor for You?

Well, the answer to this question vastly depends on what sort of work that you are tending to do with this device. In case you’re willing to drive compressed air for devices like framing nailers, roofing nailers etc, this device is a right suit.


A cheaper price, a good enough set of specs and solid built quality- that’s what we’ve got our first impression on as long as this Dewalt device is concerned. It’s definitely a beginner’s buddy if you’re one.

Buying Guide for An Air Compressor

Before you make up your mind to invest after a particular air compressor, here are some crucial buying points that you must consider-

The Output

As long as the diversity of air compressor usage is concerned, you can’t say that for how many jobs you need one. In fact, it’s good to be as diverse as possible when you select one.

As an example, if your tool provides PSI options like 40, 90, 100 and 175 PSI for you, that is the real diversity we’re talking about. The less these options are, the less you can work with it in different cases.

Transportation and Storage

Carrying an air compressor is important when you’re switching from job sites to jobsite. In fact, if the compressor comes with enough transportation features, this might not take another person to assist you.

So, look for a lightweight model with collapsible handles and rigged wheels.

The Motor Power

Nonetheless, a compressor that has a good quality and well-built structure, it will be lasting for long. But what about the HP(Horse Power) count?

Well, in case you’re up to industrial and professional stuff, you might have to operate heavy air tools. So, you’ll need at least 3 HP or more. But for DIYer amateurs, something even half the power would do the job fine.

Mountability and Accessories

To empower your compressor up to enable itself for extended capacity, you might need to occupy accessories products with it. The list of accessories contains hose pipes, mounting screws, additional tanks etc.

Make sure that you compressor has such accessories or at least the scope to embrace them.


So, that had been the end of today’s comparison of Makita MAC5200 vs Dewalt D55146. Both of them had got their selling points and drawbacks as well. As long as they target pretty dissimilar customer group, hopefully, you’ll find the right fit for you.

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