About Us

Hello! Welcome to TheHandyTool – your resource for Handyman & DIY-related buying guides. We create top 5 buying guides for different types of equipment. This involves power tools, hand tools, garden and welding equipment,  …and much more!

The website was started by Anwarul Azim who has a big interest in owning the best equipment. He always felt that he wasn’t able to fulfill a task properly without the right gear. He simply believed that a handyman wasn’t a healthy handyman without the right equipment. Therefore he started TheHandyTool.

The site has since then grown exponentially, and so has the team. Today TheHandyTool consists of multiple people. We are writers, testers, reviewers and more.

As of writing thousands of unique visitors view our website each day. And this number keeps growing. Therefore we constantly update our website and regularly add new content to satisfy our users.

You can get in contact with us through our Contact us page.

Our Process

At TheHandyTool we take pride in delivering in-depth buying guides for various products. Not only will you learn about the best products for the categories we feature, but you will also get helpful information on what you should look for when making a purchase, and how to use these products.

We rank products based on dozens of features. This includes affordability, performance and how users have rated it after using it for at minimum a few months. We believe it is important to hear what actual customers have to say about these products and services. In this way, you will get another view of the product rather than just the company’s view.

Many review sites rank products based on their price. This is a shady practice and something that we take distance from. We know you value performance, but that a great price is also an important factor. This is why we choose a “Top Pick” and a “Best for the money” product for all our buying guides. You can truly count on our buying guides to give you an overall view of the products so that when you are done reading them, you are armed with information and knowledge that will make your purchase decision a lot easier and smarter. This is because we do most of the crucial research for you, and give you the most crucial information when it comes to buying a specific kind of product.

Our Testing Methodology

Ranking products in our in-depth buying guides is not an easy job. We spend countless hours testing different products, reaching out to customers, researching and much more. We then rate each product based on dozens of factors. Among the most important factors are performancepricewarranty and real customer ratings.

On average we spend more than 40 hours compiling one buying guide. This may sound like a very long time, and it is. But it’s definitely worth it for us because these buying guides help thousands of people like you make solid buying decisions a lot faster and easier.