4 Key Steps on How to Use air compressor to Inflate Tires

You are planning for a long drive tonight and noticed the tires of your car need to inflate. Irritating right?

But it’s not that irritating when you know how to use the air compressor to inflate tires quickly. Okay, no need to be anxious anymore.

After reading this article, the job will be a cakewalk for you! Let’s see what’s stored for you.

Step by Step Guide on How to Use Air Compressor to Inflate Tires

So, you are going to start the main operation now. You will know how to use a 12v air compressor to inflate tires. Let’s start!

Step 1: Check your tire’s pressure

The first thing you will need to do is to check the tire pressure. Because the tire pressure varies from vehicle to vehicle.

But Before you start the whole filling stuff, you need to let the tires cool down. It’s wise to avoid working with hot tires.

The average range of car tires pressure is 32-35 psi. This pressure is about 100 psi for a large truck or a construction vehicle tire. You will find out the psi value from your car manual.

Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure. You will find a detailed result here about how to check tire pressure.

Step 2: Get the air compressor ready

Now, get your equipment ready. Pick a power outlet that can handle high voltage items and plug-in the 12v air compressor into it.

Switch on the compressor to start the motor. Attach an air hose to the compressor and get ready to go to next steps.

Step 3: Start inflating

This is the part of DIY car tire inflation where you need to be most precise.

A stem cap is positioned on the top of your tire, take off the cap now and keep it in your pocket to find it easily later.

Now, attach the air hose onto the valve to start filling. When you turned on the compressor you surely heard a hissing sound. Press the air hose down gently until that hissing is minimized.

Continue filling until the tires are filled with air and keep a constant look at the pressure measurement meter.

Step 4: Finish it off

When you are fully assured that the pressure level is on point, you need to seal everything firmly. Detach the air hose as well as return the stem cap into place.


You are done! That’s really an easy DIY to inflate your car tires with an air compressor. You are surely admitting it standing in the cut-off point of this article, aren’t you?

So, ‘how to use an air compressor to inflate tires?’ isn’t a big question for you from now. Follow all of the instructions carefully, practice ‘safety first’ since you are working with electricity.

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