How to adjust Cut-Out Pressure on Air Compressor?

As a multipurpose tool, air compressors are without a doubt one of the most used tools. Although there are a bunch of products that are available in the market right now, if you are looking for something durable and efficient check our guide.

In case if you already own one and if are comfortable enough to tweak settings, this post is for you. In this post, we will learn how you can customize cut-out pressure according to your need.

What is air compressor cut off switch?

Before we go ahead and tweak things around, we first need to know what a cut off switch actually is. In layman’s terms, a cut-off switch is a nob that controls the cut-off pressure. Cut-off pressure is the pressure that force stops the air compressor. For instance, if you’ve set cut-off pressure to 90PSI and while working the pressure that exudes from the air compressor reaches 90PSI or above that, the tool automatically stops. This works as a safety measure for accidental break downs.

In most cases, the default settings are good for most kinds of air tools. However, if you require a lower or a higher threshold for a certain tool, you can do that too. You never know when a tool might require a higher PSI pressure than your current cut-off pressure.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it

How do you adjust cut in and cut out pressure?

To change the cut out pressure of your air compressor, you need to follow some easy steps. However, I can’t stress enough about safety. So, make sure you wear proper protective gear before you start tinkering with things.

  1. First of all, make sure you have cut off the air compressor from the power source. This might seem obvious. But people do forget to do that and cause accidents.
  2. Next, you need to identify where the pressure switch is at. Different types of air compressors have different locations for the pressure switch. You need to find where it is at. Usually, there is a label for that. If you can’t find it, read the user manual carefully to locate that.
  3. Once you have identified the switch, you can now take off the top of the switch. It should pop off pretty easily.
  4. You should see two springs underneath the cover.
  5. One of them is the cut-in switch. The other one is the cut-off switch. Usually, cut-out switch is situated at the right if you are facing the air compressor.
  6. These two springs work as a noob. Just like a regulator of a fan. If You want to increase the cut off pressure, you need to dial the noob in a clockwise fashion.
  7. To reduce the pressure, rotate it in a counter-clockwise direction.
  8. Now, start your air compressor again and see if the changes you made are working properly.

That’s it. That how easily you can adjust the cut-off pressure of an air compressor. If you want to change the cut-in pressure of the compressor, just do the same thing but for the left noob.

Why is cut-off pressure useful?

A very common question that arises all the time is why do I even need cut-off pressure. The answer is safety for both you and the air compressor. If for some reason a tool that is being used in conjunction with the air compressor requires a lot more pressure than the air compressor is capable of providing safely, the cut off pressure will kick in. It will not only save the air compressor from being dysfunctional but also save you from accidents. And obviously, it’ll save you some bucks as well.

Best Air Compressor Cut off Switch

Model NumberMin. Close
Max. Open
Differential Range120 volt240 volt240 volt480/
600 volt
Factory SettingDetails
60 psi
110 psi15-25 psi1.523N/A80-100Shop Now »
69JF750 psi145 psi25-33 psi1.5
23N/A95-125Shop Now »
69JF7Y50 psi145 psi25-33 psi1.523N/A95-125Shop Now »
69JF7LY50 psi145 psi25-33 psi1.523N/A95-125Shop Now »
69JF7LY2C50 psi145 psi25-33 psi1.523N/A95-125Shop Now »
69JF890 psi165 psi25-38 psi1.523N/A115-150Shop Now »
69JF8Y90 psi165 psi25-38 psi1.523N/A115-150Shop Now »
69JF8LY90 psi165 psi25-38 psi1.523N/A115-150Shop Now »
69JF8LY2C90 psi165 psi25-38 psi1.523N/A115-150Shop Now »
69JG8LY90 psi165 psi
25-38 psi

351115-150Shop Now »
69JF9Y100 psi175 psi30-40 psi1.523N/A140-175Shop Now »
69JF9LY100 psi175 psi30-40 psi1.523N/A140-175Shop Now »
69JF9LY2C100 psi175 psi30-40 psi1.523N/A140-175Shop Now »
69JG9LY2C100 psi175 psi30-40 psi2351140-175Shop Now »

Final Thoughts

In order to keep the air compressor maintained and make it more useful, sometimes it is required for you to change things. Although changing cut-off or cut-in pressure from the factory settings is not recommended, you can if you want to now.

I hope this post was of some help to you. Feel free to let your thoughts and feedback’s be known in the comment section.

As always, work hard and stay safe.

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