How to Fill HPA Tank with Air Compressor Easily?

HPA Tank with Air Compressor

Home improvement tools are getting huge popularity day by day. Among different tools, an air compressor is the handy one. Now you can have an air compressor within your budget. It can assist you in completing a wide range of projects. Especially, when you need to fill something with air, the air compressor is best.

People are widely using air compressors to fill the HPA tank. HPA tank means a high-pressure air tank where you can fill the air with safety. Though the models of HPA tanks may vary, you can easily fill it with your air compressor.

If you are new to the process and don’t know how to perform this task like a pro, here I am going to help. In this article, I am going to share how can you fill an HPA tank easily.

Step by Step Process to Fill HPA Tank

Here I am going to share the whole process step by step so that it becomes easy for you.

Step 1: Check the HPA Tank


Before you start the filling work, you should check the tank carefully. This is essential because if there is any leakage in the tank, it won’t work properly. You can’t complete the filling work because air will leak and that can cause serious damage or accident. If you find any leakage in the tank, take some expert help for repairing it. Or, you may also solve the leaking issue yourself with some essential tools.

Step 2: Release Air from the Tank

As you are going to refill the HPA tank, there shouldn’t be air inside. For this, release the air from the tank with one step. It won’t take much time. Simply open the air releasing valve and it will remove all the air from inside.

Make sure that you are releasing the air in a well-ventilated area. Because the air inside the tank may cause some breathing problems. If you perform this work inside the home or garage, it can cause some issues. Once it is complete, go to the next step.

Step 3: Connect the Hose with the Air Compressor

Now you are ready to fill the HPA tank with your air compressor. For this, there is a nozzle in the tank and the air compressor. You need to ensure that both nozzles match so that no air leaking happens.

To connect the air hose, open the smaller kit from both things. Connect them securely and check if it is fitted to the fitting of the tank.

Step 4: Start the Air Compressor


If step 3 is completed, now you can turn on the air compressor. Keep in full charge and plug it to the power source. No matter which power source are you using the battery power or the electric power, the cable should be connected properly to avoid any issue.

Now start the compressor and start passing air to the tank. Within a few minutes, the tank will be fulfilled with new air. However, you need to maintain the proper PSI for air. If the maximum pound per square inch (psi) of the compressor doesn’t suit to the required pressure for the tank, you can’t fill it with air.

Step 5: Measure the PSI

During the air filling work, measure the PSI of the tank to ensure enough air is in the tank. If it is complete, remove the nozzle from the air compressor and your tank is filled with new air. The pressure switch of the air compressor will tell you the reading of PSI.

Step 6: Place the Tank in a Secure Place

You should always remember that an HPA tank is not safe if you place it in an open area. You should have a secured area at your home or in the project side to store the tank securely. Place the tank securely and reserve it for further usages.

Final Words

Filling an HPA tank with an air compressor is simple as the above steps. There is nothing complicated in the whole system. So, it won’t be big trouble for you to complete the task. However, always maintain the safety features recommended for the tank and the air compressor.

If you find any difficulty of any leakage in the hose or the tank, never do this task. Take the help of an expert and repair the parts. Once it is done, you can go for filling work.

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