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Makita MAC5200 VS RolAir VT25big | Which one for you?

We’ve seen many beginner or intermediate level carpenter and contractor to be in a mess while buying a new air compressor. To be honest, for anyone who’ve not been there for years, it’s supposed to be a hard nut to crack.

But in today’s discussion, we’ve called up two of the crackiest air compressor models on the podium- MAC5200 from Makita, and the VT25Big from Rolair.

Ready for the fight? Let’s start out hards on Makita MAC5200 vs RolAir VT25big review-

  • MAC5200

  • RolAir VT25BIG
  • Pump Type:
  • Oil-based
  • Oil(Splash) Lubrication
  • Fuel Type(Gas/Electric):
  • Electric
  • Electric
  • Running HP:
  • 2.1 HP
  • 2.5 HP
  • Max HP
  • 3.0 HP
  • 2.5 HP
  • Tank Type:
  • Hot Dog Tank
  • Hot Dog Tank
  • Tank Size:
  • 5.2 gallon
  • 5.3 gallon
  • CFM Performance(40 PSI):
  • 6.9 CFM
  • N/A
  • CFM Performance(90 PSI):
  • 6.5 CFM
  • 6.5 CFM
  • Max PSI:
  • 140 PSI
  • 130 PSI
  • Product Weight:
  • 88 pounds
  • 108 pounds

Makita MAC5200 Review

Product Description

Being one of the noteworthy, semi-professional and portable air compressor models from Makita, MAC5200 stands out many of its close competitors.

The first and foremost selling point of 5200 is its big bore cylinder design. Along with other given features, this model comes with an overall improved performance time. There is a 3 HP motor that boosts up the output to as high as 6.5 CFM at a pressure point of 90psi.

Apart from all of the technical aspects, we really love how Makita had provided that little attention to details. As an example, the wheels attached are pretty much rugged for the sake of portability. Also, there is a built-in storage which is spacious enough to store all the fittings and accessories. Also, there is an air hose which is 50 ft in terms of length.

Overall, Makita MAC5200 is a win-win situation for the best of both worlds. Let’s check out the specs-

Production Specification

  • Runs on an oil-based pump.
  • Uses electric fuel type.
  • Running HP is 2.1 HP
  • Max HP is 3.0 HP
  • Hot Dog Tank type
  • 5.2-gallon large tank Size.
  • CFM Performance at 40 PSI is 6.9 CFM
  • CFM Performance at 90 PSI is 6.5 CFM
  • Max pressure is 140 PSI
  • Product Weighs 88 pounds only


  1. Low heat level with copper alloy finned tube.
  2. Big bore design for quick load.
  3. Perfect for automotive and carpentry.
  4. 8” pneumatic rubber tires.
  5. Large storage.
  6. 50 ft hose for large coverage area.


  1. Produces 90 dB of noise.

Advantages – Explained

An Enhanced Pump Lide:- For most of the portable compressors, a troublesome pump is the user’s biggest headache. But in 5200, the pump is well lubricated with oil and thus, the operating temperature is less as well. So, the chance of wearing or damaging is quite less compared to oilless models.

Low Profile Design:- Although this model is not the smallest one from Makita’s inventory, but still the size and footprint of it are still small compared to its output. On top of that, there is a folding handle for the sake of easy storage.

Can Serve Two Air Tools Simultaneously:- If you’re two users who have to operate air tools simultaneously, this model is the go-to choice for you. It’s able to deliver compressed air to two air tools at the same time.

Disadvantages – Explained

Too Noisy:- The noise produced by this compressor had been marked as 90 dB, which is pretty much more than the standard, tolerable limit. You better use ear cups to isolate your ears while you’re close to the machine. However, you can try some actions to deduce the noise.

Is This Air Compressor for You?

Based on what we’ve seen so far, if you are a professional working around job sites that are not located in residential areas, we’ll put our thumbs up for this model. It’s quite a budget pick as well.


Among Makita’s many compressor choices, we’ll give our heads up to MAC5200 for the workforce, portability, durability and accessories that it sports. It’s definitely a good source of compressed air.

RolAir VT25BIG Review

Product Description

Rolair is probably the brand that you’ve heard a lot about, but never found in the big box stores. In fact, that’s a way of this Wisconsin-based brand to identify itself to its users.

However, V25BIG is one of their pro-level compressor models that had quite kept the brand reputation that Rolair use to sport. Featured by a 2.5 horsepower motor and a mx air pressure of 135psi, this oil-based compressor manages to deal with most DIY and professional air compressor needs.

Unlike many commercial-grade models. VT25BIG manages to keep itself as silent as 86dB only. So, it’s the right suit for both household and industrial premises.

The tank capacity is 5.3 gallons, which is appreciated. But due to such size, it had been quite bulky to carry around. To be specific with the number, it weighs 108 pounds. So, to transport it from place to place, two men have to put their hands together or you need to use a carriage.

Production Specification

  • Has an Oil(Splash) Lubrication pump.
  • Running power is 2.5 HP
  • Sports a Hot Dog Tank
  • Tank Size is 5.3 gallon
  • CFM Performance at 90 PSI is 6.5 CFM
  • Maximum PSI is 130psi
  • Product weighs 108 pounds


  1. 100% duty cycle.
  2. Sports a safety valve.
  3. Filter silencer included.
  4. Fold-down handle.
  5. Comes with a cord wrap.


  1. Weighs 108 pounds.

Advantages – Explained

Complication free Oil-splash:- As we’ve stated earlier, the model is an oil-splash model. Each time the tank is empty, you need to fill it up with a given bottle of 10 ounces. The process of refill is quite easy and you won’t need a funnel at all.

100% Duty Cycle:- The next thing that we love about this model is, it is 100% duty cycle model. What it means is, it’s able to run nonstop to support your continuous need of compressed air.

Quick Refill Time:- On a test run to check how much time it takes to fill up the 5.3 gallon compressor, the result was surprisingly 67 seconds only. That’s a pretty good regular time for a budget air compressor.

Disadvantages – Explained

Too Bulky to Handle:- The weight happens to be 108 pounds, which is very bulky for a meum size compressor like Rolair Vt25BIG.

Is This Air Compressor for You?

In some cases of application, you would need a compressor that would be settled at a fixed place, but what you would desire is a constant working cycle. If you are on the same page, this is the one that you should go with.


Quite satisfying motor power, safe to handle features and other essential features- all are packed in this RolAir VT25BIG compressor. In terms of price-quality ratio, it meets the par as well.

Buying Guide for An Air Compressor

Before you make up your mind to invest after a particular air compressor, here are some crucial buying points that you must consider-

The Cylinder Size

It’s not only the indicator of how much compressed air a machine can hold instantly, but it also shows how quickly it can refill itself. Therefore, anything around a 5 gallon tank size seems to be good enough for portable, professional work.

The CFM and PSI

These two are quite important labels of any compressor out there. Firstly, CFM is the amount of air it can create or deliver in any given minute. Secondly, the PSI indicates at what pressure the air is able to be delivered at.

Look for a high CFM Value and a good range of PSI- probably from 40psi to 150psi, if possible.

The Storage

When you’re working around a professional job site, it’s quite imperative that you have to take a lot of accessories with you. Therefore, look for how spacious of a storage the compressor is providing you with.

The Duty Cycle

Of course, you are not going to run a compressor forever without any break. But in some circumstances, you might need a constant support for 8-12 hours at least. In that case, a 100% duty cycle compressor would serve you well. Otherwise, you might need a backup compressor anyway.


If you are one hundred percent certain of the budget, the purpose and the dimensions of the work that you are going to do with an air compressor, it becomes quite easier to choose one finally. Therefore, we are hopeful that this Makita mac5200 vs Rolair vt25big had been helpful for you.

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